Cities where your retirement savings will stretch the furthest

Let's be realistic. Most soon-to-be-retirees only have about $150,000 stashed in their nest egg. But that doesn't mean that their retirement fantasies are out of reach.

In some cities, it's more than enough to cover a few years of expenses.

GOBankingRates compared the average costs for a 65-year-old for housing, utilities, groceries and health care in the largest 100 cities in the country. Then, the personal finance website took the approximate median nest egg retirees have saved — $150,000 — and subtracted one year's worth of costs in each of the most affordable cities to determine the American cities where your retirement nest egg will stretch the furthest.

While none of the cities that made the top 10 are in sunny Florida, they all have an average annual cost of living (including housing, utilities, taxes, health-care services and basic necessities) under $45,000, which could be enough to brighten any retiree's day.

(If you've socked even more away, here's where $1 million would stretch the furthest.)

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