Here are 9 smart tips to not splurge while shopping

Online shopping has made life simpler for most of us. But there are many who still enjoy going to the market and pacify their thirst for shopping. The only issue with this approach is many a time the wallets turn empty much earlier than it is expected. Here are some tips that can be of help:

Shopping list

If it is not on your list, you won't do it – this mantra can save you a lot. Prepare a shopping list before stepping out of the house. Stick to that list and avoid window shopping. Sometimes window shopping leads you into purchasing things you do not want.

Sticking to shopping list helps you stick to your budget. That means you are home with not much damage financially.

Limit cash on hand

If you have limited headroom, you can't move much. Once you have a shopping list ready, prepare an estimate of the money required to purchase all the goods. Carry cash sufficient enough to cover your expense. You cannot spend what you do not have.

If you are using payment apps, load them only to the extent you have estimated. Even if you can load them on the go from your bank accounts, avoid doing so. Opt for debit cards instead of credit cards.

Avoid going on shopping just because you have nothing else to do

You should go shopping only when there is a need. Never treat it as a stress-buster or boredom killer. Whenever shopping is treated like one, the effectiveness of shopping goes down and one ends buying more and more goods to kill his boredom. That can lead you to adebt trap.

Ask someone to accompany you who hates shopping

If your spouse or your child hates going to market - from one shop to another, then s/he is the best person you should ask for accompanying you. Your child will get bored quickly and soon will ask you to head home.

That means you have limited time on hand to finish shopping. In such circumstances, you are likely to spend less. It also means that if you have a friend who enjoys shopping, ensure that you avoid him.

Shopping online

This could save you some money and time if you really spot a deal on an e-commerce portal. But do not get into the trap of 'people who bought this also bought these things' trap. There is a chance that you will end up spending much more in that case.

Ask for discounts

Multi-billion deals do not go through just because the buyers and sellers do not agree on the price. Haggling for a price is the feature of the rich. Asking does not show you in poor light. Do check the prices online. Shopkeepers are willing to take a cut in their profit, especially when you are going to pay upfront.

But never buy more just to bag some discounts. If you are there to buy a shirt buy one. Do not buy four shirts just because the fifth one was coming free.

When in doubt, stay out

The old adage puts it well. When you are not sure of price or quality of an article, it is better to skip that for time being. It also indicates that either you do not need it or you have not done your homework enough.

Skipping that purchase at that time not only gives you some time to think over it but also reduces the chance of getting it wrong. As they say – there is always the next time.

Off-season shopping

Festive season discounts attract a lot of people to markets. There are discounts and there are new arrivals. But it is not necessary that these discounts are real. In a festive season, many times individuals end buying things just because of peer pressure. Wait till the season ends. It gives you time to think in detail. It also lets you clinch off-season deals.

Do not fall for a 'Sale'

Promotional events by retailers need not really be beneficial to the customers. If you stick to the points mentioned above, it is highly unlikely that you will fall for a 'sale'.

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