PF this week - GST may reduce home prices; IT returns filing deadline nears

It is the season to file your Income tax returns season with the July 31 deadline fast approaching. Your company may have given you your Form 16 detailing out your income for the 2016-17 and tax liability on it, if any. It would help you to file your tax easily.

However, what if you are unable to get the Form 16 for some reason How do you file your taxes In we tell you the situations in which you may find yourself without a Form 16 by the due date and now to file your taxes if you feel stranded. Do file your returns in time. It has several advantages.

The government recently lowered the interest rate on small savings by a slight margin of 10 basis points. However, cumulative fall in interest rates on the schemes has been substantial during recent times. The interest rate on PPF has come down from 8.7 per cent 2015-16 t0 7.8 per cent, while SCSS has interest rate has dropped from 9.3 per cent to 8.3 per cent during the same period.
Another Tryst With Destiny! How GST Will Change Your Life After July 1

Read to check whether these are good investments at this point or whether you should shift your investment to some other instruments.

If you choose to move away from small savings and into mutual funds, as is advisable we tell in why investing in a systematic manner through SIPs. The systematic route helps you to avoid timing the market, while your funds are in the hands of professionals. Investors who try to time their mutual fund investments often end up in buying more during bull market and under-invest in falling markets.

And if you are looking for regular income through mutual fund Monthly Income Plans (MIPs) to know the things you should be aware of about such regular return schemes.

On another front, if you are looking for your accumulated corpus in your employees provident fund (EPF) and are struggling to find, read our story to know in sixeasy steps using your Universal Account Number (UAN).

If you are young, single person looking for a home, there is some good news. The government has made to enable millennials without a family to avail of subsidized loans under the scheme.

In any case, there is a view that the implementation of GST might reduce the prices of real estate substantially as we bring to you in . So there could be good times ahead for home-buyers.

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